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Cogent Transit Partner

20 April 2021, in Eco Data Centre

Fast Network
Web Wiz is pleased to welcome our new IP transit partner Cogent, which will enhance network connections to our Data Centre.

Cogent is a Tier 1 transit provider, joining Lumen (formally CenturyLink) to connect our Data Centre directly to the Internet backbone by multiple POP's (Point-Of-Presence).

A new ethernet fibre circuit utilising Virgin Media's network adds additional routes connecting our Data Centre to Cogent Communications POP in the heart of London's Docklands.
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CenturyLink Transit Partner

20 October 2020, in Eco Data Centre

Fast NetworkAt Web Wiz, we are continually improving our network to give better connectivity to our customers. Web Wiz is pleased to welcome our new IP transit partner CenturyLink, which will enhance network connections to our Data Centre.

CenturyLink, formally Level 3, is a Tier 1 provider from which all other networks on the Internet can be reached. By connecting directly with a Tier 1 provider it reduces  the number of networks traffic needs to traverse to reach our Data Centre for faster low latency connections.

We continue to add new IP Transit and Peering Partners to our network which uses diverse BGP Routing to choose the shortest path across the Internet automatically. If the path from your location to our Data Centre is faster by another of our network partners, then traffic will take that route.

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Tesla Batteries Store Renewable Solar Energy

26 November 2019, in Web Wiz News, Eco Data Centre

After a successful trial of Tesla's rechargeable lithium-ion battery system over the past seven months to store excess Solar Power during the day to use overnight, we have now doubled the number of Tesla's lithium-ion batteries that we have.

The additional Tesla batteries will allow Web Wiz to be self-sufficient for electrical power needs for a large part of the year using only the renewable energy produced by our on-site Solar power generation. 

Vast Data Centres consume enormous amounts of power that add to the  IT sector global CO2 emissions which is on par with the airline industry* At Web Wiz, we believe in providing a sustainable alternative for customers to host their websites.

For more information on our Sustainable Web Hosting Services, see www.webwiz.net/green-hosting.

*Trends in data centre energy consumption under the European Code of Conduct for data centre energy efficiency - 2017 Report from the European Commission.

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Web Wiz Data Centre Solar Generation 2018-2019

11 September 2019, in Eco Data Centre

Web Wiz Data Centre Solar Panel Array
It has been a year since our Solar Panel Array went live and in this first year, it has generated a staggering 16,000,000 Watts of Renewable Energy.

This is the same amount of energy as used by the Data Hall to power all our IT equipment.

The Data Centres that power the worlds Internet use an estimated 416.2 TWh of energy to power them. That is 1% of the world's electricity and is growing rapidly.

With the Internet consuming such large amounts of energy we believe here at Web Wiz in the importance of providing sustainable Web and Server Hosting to our customers. 

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Eco Data Centre Achieves 100% Uptime Since Opening

20 May 2019, in Web Wiz News, Eco Data Centre

100% Network UptimeIt has been 1 year since we opened our Eco Data Centre on the 17th of May 2018. In this year our Eco Data Centre has accomplished 100% Uptime with no outages to our Network.

To reach 100% Uptime, we have built a Multihomed Network with Diverse BGP Routing using multiple fibre connections from BT OpenReach and Virgin Media entering our facility at opposite ends of the building.

100% Uptime is an incredible achievement for a new Data Centre as there are usually teething issues in the first year, and we are all very proud of this achievement. 

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