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Web Wiz Forums version 9.02 Released

01 August 2007 - Posted by Web Wiz Development Team, in Web Wiz Forums

This new release of Web Wiz Web Wiz Forums fixes a few issues with the previous release and also adds a few new features;

The Avatar Upload tool has had a face lift, gone is the grey window and in comes a new window in the same colours as the rest of the forum with a number of new options that allows the member to select a new Avatar from their list of uploaded files as well as upload a new Avatar.

A "Check All" feature is now available when setting up permissions, something I know allot of you have been asking for.

The positioning of the "Delete Member" tool has seemed to become a bit of a hot topic lately with a number of people voicing their opinions on why they disliked it. To addressed this the "Members Administration" pages have been updated, and now includes a "Delete" button as well as some other new useful tools.

A new tool that can check if your web hosts servers will support the Premium Edition and what email and upload components they have installed.

The XHTML used in pages has been cleaned up to be more standards compliant were possible.

More information on Web Wiz Forums is available at www.webwizforums.com

The following page lists changes to this latest release; https://www.webwiz.net/web-wiz-forums/kb/release-notes.htm
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Web Wiz NewsPad version 1.01 Released

27 July 2007 - Posted by Web Wiz Development Team, in Web Wiz NewsPad

This new release of Web Wiz NewsPad fixes a few issues with the previous version 1.0 release.

It also adds a new feature that can test the server to find out which of the supported components are available on the server for the upload and email tools. This check can also confirm if the server and your web host is able to support the Premium Edition of NewsPad, as some of the cheaper web hosts do not have the minimum requirements for the Premium Edition.

More information on NewsPad is available at www.WebWizNewsPad.com

The following page lists changes to this latest release; www.webwiz.net/web-wiz-newspad/kb/release-notes.htm
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Web Wiz Enter into a New Era

22 July 2007 - Posted by Web Wiz, in Web Wiz News, Hosting Services, Web Wiz Forums, Web Wiz NewsPad, Web Wiz RTE, Web Wiz CAPTCHA

Web Wiz enter into a new era today with the launch of a new revamped website, new services, new products, new versions of older products, including its awarding winning flagship product Web Wiz Forums.

The new Web Wiz website focuses more of delivering improved services to customers, with a new Client Area, new Searchable Knowledgebase, improved online documentation for their product line, and new Community Hosting Solutions which include Premium Edition Web Wiz Forums licensing.

The Web Wiz Product line has also been revamped with new cleaner Web 2.0 and AJAX interfaces featuring in the revamped product line. The product line also welcomes a new product, the Web Wiz NewsPad, an eNewsletter and website News Bulletin software combined, with tight integration with Web Wiz Forums, or used as a standalone product.

Web Wiz Forums the flagship product of Web Wiz now features a new Web 2.0 and AJAX interface, with a number of new and improved features added, including a new File Manger System for members to manage uploaded files and images.

Web Wiz Rich Text Editor also gets a revamp, with a new look, improved CSS, and now includes support for Opera users.

For further information on all the products and services from Web Wiz please visit www.webwiz.net.
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