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Web Wiz Forums 9.60 Released

06 July 2009 - Posted by Web Wiz Development Team, in Web Applications

Today Web Wiz is very pleased to announce the release of Web Wiz Forums version 9.60. This latest release now improves installation and upgrades with a new easy to use installation and upgrade wizard.

There are also a number of other improvements and fixes, some of which are highlighted below:-

  • New installation/upgrade wizard
  • Improved Search Engine Optimisation URL Rewriting
  • Added new Animated Emoticons (smiles)
  • Improved Add Emoticon Editor Window to allow auto-scrolling
  • Improved Add Hyperlink Window
  • YouTube widescreen format now supported
  • Improved Report Post feature
  • Fixed a number of bugs including some important security-related bugs

All changes are listed in the release notes located at; https://www.webwiz.net/web-wiz-forums/kb/release-notes.htm

More information on Web Wiz Forums is available at www.webwizforums.com

New Windows Reseller Packages Launched

13 May 2009 - Posted by Web Wiz Hosting Team, in Hosting Services

Web Wiz has today launched a new range of Windows Reseller Hosting Packages that allow you to host unlimited websites for just 19.99 per month.

These packages are aimed at Business users and those requiring a stable reselling platform for their Clients. With Isolated Applications Pools on low populated Windows 2008 Servers giving the ultimate security, performance, and stability from a reseller package.

Reseller Packages come with customer control panels and automated billing system making running your own hosting business a breeze.

Reseller Packages also include:-

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Customer Control Panels with Billing System
  • ASP, ASP.NET 1.1/2.0/3.5, PHP 5.2
  • Isolated Application Pools with 700MB of Memory per site!
  • SQL Server 2008 Databases
  • mySQL 5.1 Databases
  • Webmail Service with Contact Lists and Events
  • Roaming SMTP
  • Email Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam
  • Hot Nightly Backups
  • Advanced Statistics with over 130 Detailed Reports
  • And a host of other features included as standard

Further information is available through our Reseller Web Hosting pages.

Web Wiz Reseller Hosting Accounts

24 December 2008, in Hosting Services

Web Wiz is pleased to launch our new Windows Unlimited Website Reseller Accounts, allowing you to resale our hosting services to your customers. Based on our Windows Server 2008 IIS 7 Website Hosting Packages with SQL Server 2008. Become your own web host today for as little as 14.95 per month!

Create your own Hosting Packages based on the resources, with unlimited websites and accounts on all our Reseller Packages. Need more resources, then simply upgrade as your Business grows, allowing you to keep the start-up costs as low as possible.

Our Reseller Account's come with your own billing systems, automated payment reminders, customer control panels, domain name registration system, and many other features that allow you to become your own web hosting company.

For more information on all our Hosting Packages see; https://www.webwiz.net/web-hosting-resellers/

Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 Hosting Packages

27 November 2008, in Hosting Services

Web Wiz is pleased to announce the release of our new hosting packages based on the Windows Server 2008 IIS 7 platform with all packages now including SQL Server 2008 Databases starting from as little as 3.33 ($5.50) per month!

With our new Hosting Packages we have increased the number of resources there are available with all Website Hosting packages allowing you to host multiple websites from a single hosting package.

Windows Server 2008 with IIS 7 offers many enhancements over our previous Web Wiz Hosting Packages with improved performance and stability, and support for ASP, .htm.NET 1.1/2.0/3.5, and native support for PHP using multithreaded FastCGI for improved performance.

Our Business and Professional Packages also include isolated applications pools for each website added to our systems. This allows your site to have its own allocated resources isolated from other websites running on the server which gives much better performance, security and stability to your websites.

For more information on all our Hosting Packages see; www.webwiz.net/web-hosting

Web Wiz Forums 9.50 Released

01 May 2008 - Posted by Web Wiz Development Team, in Web Applications

Web Wiz Forums 9.50 is a milestone release of Web Wiz Forums with many changes particularly to the Free Express Edition which now no-longer contains adverts and also incorporates a limited Private Messaging system.

For a list of comparisons between editions please see Web Wiz Forums Editions Comparison Chart.

Other changes also include extra security protection for Adobe Flash and YouTube movies, as well as making it simpler to spot new Topics and Post since the visitors last visit to the forum.

Changes to version 9.50 include;

  • No Adverts in Free Express Edition
  • Private Messaging now available in Express Edition (limited functionality)
  • New live 'Check for updates' admin tool
  • 'Today' date now shown in bold to make it simpler to see new Topics, Posts, Members, etc.
  • New Topic and Post listings now shown in bold if unread since last visit
  • Improved placement of the subject of the latest Topic on main forum index page
  • Improved security for Adobe Flash content posted in members forum posts
  • Improved security for YouTube movies posted in members forum posts
  • Improved upload support for images created/edited in Adobe software
  • Improved HTMLsafe(TM) security filters
  • Bug fixes for Existing Member API
  • Plus other changes and bug fixes

More information on Web Wiz Forums is available at www.webwizforums.com

The following page lists changes to this latest release; https://www.webwiz.net/web-wiz-forums/kb/release-notes.htm

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