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Web Wiz CAPTCHA Version 4.0 Released

14 April 2008 - by Web Wiz Development Team

Web Wiz is proud to announce today, Monday 14th April 2008, the launch of free CAPTCHA security image software, Web Wiz CAPTCHA version 4.0.

This new release is a major milestone with complete redevelopment in the way the CAPTCHA security image is generated. The CAPTCHA image now generates a unique security image on the fly.

Web Wiz CAPTCHA has also been made simpler to integrate into your own site's forms and now supports 'postback' to submit the page back to itself.

A full list of new features include;

  • Unique CAPTCHA image created each time on the fly
  • Abbyy FineReader 9 Pro (one of the best OCR software available) could not recognise at present default settings
  • Protects from spam bots remotely submitting spam to your sites emails forms, etc.
  • Protects against dictionary and brute force hacking; to protect login forms and secure areas
  • Simpler integration into your websites forms with support for 'postback'
  • Each unique CAPTCHA image is created on the fly with configurable colours, noise, and distortion levels
  • Characters that course confusion are not used, including (0 and O, 1, l and I, 9 and g, 4 and A, etc.)
  • Configure the amount of noise and distortion within the CAPTCHA image
  • Configure Background, Border, and Character colours
  • Enable/Disable different distortion and noise types
  • Over 12 different colour, distortion, and noise levels can be configured
  • Configure your own balance between human readability and automated programs reading the CAPTCHA image
  • Distortion and noise types include;
    • Random pixilation, with 2 levels and 2 colour types
    • Random noise lines, with 2 levels and 2 colour types
    • Random character skewing
    • Random line placement

For further information and free download see, www.WebWizCAPTCHA.com
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